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By Fraud Analysts, For Fraud Analysts

While “bad guys” are brainstorming and collaborating on the dark web, us “good guys” have been lonely islands - vulnerable and disconnected. Not anymore. ECAFCA is a discussion board for fraud analysis, prevention specialists, payment specialists, or anyone with an interest in protecting their place of business from Card Not Present fraud. By putting our heads together and discussing emerging trends, we can respond timely and appropriately.

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Who is ECAFCA?

ECAFCA was founded by an e-commerce fraud analyst frustrated by the lack of unified resources for this particular branch of cybersecurity. By being able to discuss current events and how they effect what we encounter, we can better prepare adequate strategies. 

What is ECAFCA?

The E-Commerce Anti-Fraud Collective Agency is an organization that focuses exclusively on e-commerce and other types of internet fraud. New trends and ideas can be shared and discussed, and a greater understanding of the dark web’s e-commerce fraud supply chain can equip us to be better prepared to protect information and assets. 


The criminals and miscreants on the dark web are not siloed. They are working together, collaborating, and delegating across multiple chains of command. Essentially, they’ve got “it” down to a science. They have access to the same leaked or breached data for sale or even posted for free to sow discord on their forums and message boards. Why shouldn’t we, as well, have access to the same intelligence regardless of who we work for? 

How can I contribute to ECAFCA?

Please contribute to the cause by joining our forum. Humans can pick up on new trends that may not be statistically significant enough to trigger machine learning algorithms. Let’s share and discuss what we’re experiencing and search for better solutions together. 



E-Commerce Anti-Fraud Collective Agency

By fraud analysts, for fraud analysts. The criminals are already working together. Why aren’t we? Be a part of the collective.

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